Justin Bieber Makes His Case In Latest ‘believe’ Trailer: Watch

http://yourtrainings.com/lennydrzo/trainings/981225/ width='200px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Read More You have Beyonce, master of restrained exposure and then you have Justin Bieber, whose 10-week new music campaign is followed by hissecondconcert documentary, Believe. Whichhas gotten another official trailer . This preview demands viewers Forget the hype, forget the headlines, forget the rumors Believe the truth, as Bieber addresses his Rihanna Says Thanks For Her Designer Christmas Presents - Via Instagram scandal-plagued year and says that behind all the gossip, people will see hes a good person. The requisite concert highlights are thrown in, making him seem larger than life, but the interviews and behind-the-scenes footage clearly aim to depict Bieber as a real boy. Check it out up top. Believehits theaters Christmas Day.
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