Apple Inc. (aapl) Berlin Store Robbed Using “car Through Window” Ploy

These are not amateurs, Berlin police department spokesman Thomas Neuendorf told Bloomberg . We suspect that were dealing with a gang. Seventh in a row An Opel Corsa was used to crash the window of the shop, and after stealing the products, thieves escaped in two Audis. A couple of weeks back, in Berlin, thieves gate-crashed into Alexa shopping mall and took away around 100,000 euros of electronics. The store was Apples only store in Berlin, located on the citys longest shopping avenue, Kurfuerstendamm, and was opened in May, after preparation of around two years. There was no comment from the Apple on the incident. According to Neuendorf, shops in Berlin have become more cautious since the stealing has started. He said that thieves could only take 20 display pieces as Apple Inc.

After Arctic austerity, Khodorkovsky savors Berlin luxury

Credit: Reuters/Michael Kappeler/Pool Khodorkovsky applies to Swiss for Schengen visa: Swiss ministry Tue, Dec 24 2013 BERLIN/MOSCOW (Reuters) - The luxury hotel in Berlin where Mikhail Khodorkovsky has spent the last few nights is worlds away from Corrective Colony No. 7, where the former oil tycoon was locked up for years. But Khodorkovsky says he could not care less about the gulf between the cramped Russian prison and his palatial accommodation at the Adlon, Germany's most famous hotel. After being pardoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who let him out more than 10 years after he was jailed for tax evasion and fraud in a case his supporters say was politically motivated, Khordokovsky is reportedly staying in the Adlon's vast "Pariser Platz" suite. The contrast between the 3,200 euros ($4,400) per night suite with the most lavish luxury Germany official site can offer and the dreary prison in Segezha more than 2,000 km (1,250 miles) to the northeast near the Arctic circle could hardly be starker. For the last two and a half years, Khodorkovsky shared a filthy barrack-like room there with more than 20 other inmates, his mother Marina Khodorkovskaya once told Reuters.

Irving Berlin's 'White Christmas' Still A Smash

The same might be said if an owl fell in love with a pussycat. Bill Manhoff has taken the question seriously, or comically if youd prefer, in his quirky and humorous The Owl and the Pussycat playing weekends until Saturday, Feb. 1 at the Connecticut Cabaret Theatre in Berlin. If you remember the nonsense poem by Edward Lear of the same title, published in 1871, forget it. They really have nothing in common, except for the fact that two very unlikely creatures find a strange attraction. In this case, Felix Sherman has been using his binoculars and lights upon a neighbor using her bed to make a living.

Berlin: CT Cabaret presents a quirky comedy: “The Owl and the Pussycat”

Some still are surprised to learn that Bing Crosby's recording of the Irving Berlin ballad (turned into) the runaway visit this site smash hit for the World War II holidays." Berlin's Keys One of America's foremost composers. Overcame: Poverty and a lack of formal education. Lesson: Have faith in your ability and work hard. "The songwriter must look upon his work as a business; that is, to make a success of it, he must work and work, and then work." Catherine Moore, director of the music business program at New York University, told IBD: "Irving Berlin was a Jewish Horatio Alger. His music, most particularly 'White Christmas,' offered the nation a collective comfort and optimism just when it needed it most." The saga of Berlin's journey began near the Siberian border in the Russian village of Tyumen when the boy named Israel was born to Moses Baline, a cantor, and his wife, Leah. The czar's persecution of the Jews in 1893 convinced Moses that his family of eight children had no future in Russia.

Berlin | Dissident oligarch urges release of Russia’s political prisoners

We suspect that were dealing with a gang. A stolen Opel Corsa was used to smash the Apple store window and the thieves escaped in two Audis, Neuendorf said. On Dec. 9, thieves drove into Berlins Alexa shopping mall and took about 100,000 euros ($137,000) of electronics. Apples only Berlin store, located on the citys longest shopping avenue, Kurfuerstendamm, opened in May after more than two years of planning. No one at Apple was immediately available to comment. Shops in Berlin have taken extra precautions to secure their merchandise since the break-ins began, Neuendorf said. Apple managers had locked away their inventory overnight, which means the thieves were only able to take 20 display pieces, he said.

Thieves Hit Berlin Apple Shop After Crashing In With Stolen Car

The news conference took place near Berlins Checkpoint Charlie. The location was one of the main crossing points from East Berlin to West Berlin during the Cold War. You should see me as a symbol of the fact that the efforts of civil society can lead to the release also of those people whose freedom was never expected by anyone, he said. Khodorkovsky said he was grateful to the media, human rights groups and Western politicians. All of these groups played a role in securing his release by drawing constant attention to his case. He said they helped him keep up his spirits during the long ordeal. The most important thing for a prison inmate is hope, he said, speaking in Russian.

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