Billion Dollar Lead Public Health Ruling Finalized In California

more? info… visit website On the recording, Ramos is seen strapping gloves on his hands, balling them into fists in Thomas' face and telling the transient, whom he knew from previous encounters: "You see these fists? They are getting ready to f--- you up." Barnett, in his closing statement, dismissed that remark as sarcasm that wasn't meant to be taken literally and said Ramos was not prepared for the violent melee that would come next. "Do you think any reasonable person would know that catastrophe was around the corner?" Barnett said, speaking in a packed courtroom in Santa Ana, California. SEND A MESSAGE Taking his turn to speak to the jury, Cicinelli's attorney, Michael Schwartz, took issue with the closing statement by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, in which the prosecutor urged them to "send a message" to the community by convicting the two former police officers. "We don't convict people because of emotion or to send a message," Schwartz said.
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California policeman accused in transient's beating death acted reasonably: lawyer

In 2009 alone, 10,875 children in the cities and counties prosecuting the case had been poisoned by lead. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and California's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch, lead paint is the primary cause of lead exposure for children who live in older homes. The California Legislature has declared that "childhood lead exposure represents the most tape significant childhood environmental problem in the state today." (Health & Saf. Code, 124125) In 2012, the CDC released the report, CDC Response to Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Recommendations in "Low Level Lead Exposure Harms Children: A Renewed Call of Primary Prevention," finding that "no safe blood lead level in children has been identified." Even at the lowest levels, lead causes permanent neurological damage to children, decreasing IQ and causing other serious health consequences. About Motley Rice LLC Motley Rice is one of the nation's largest plaintiffs' litigation firms. With a tradition of representing those whose rights have been violated, Motley Rice attorneys gained recognition for their pioneering asbestos lawsuits, their work with the State Attorneys General in the landmark litigation against Big Tobacco, their representation of 9/11 victims, families and survivors in the ongoing lawsuit against terrorist financiers, and their role as negotiators in the ongoing litigation related to the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Motley Rice is headquartered in Mt.
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California's grumpy secessionists of the far north

They believe you people in the south are holding them back, and many of them would like to combine with southern Oregonians to form a 51st state, which they would call Jefferson. Over the last year, wandering Jefferson's back roads while researching a book, I listened to its citizens' complaints and ideas. Many of their grievances are understandable. With the logging, fishing and mining industries already devastated by both over-exploitation and regulation, the Great Recession hit the region especially hard. Unemployment and underemployment are endemic. More than once I heard from would-be Jeffersonians the lament, "Our biggest export is our children." What Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson told me was typical.
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California exports jump to pre-recession levels

The reserve could climb to $5.6 billion in the next fiscal year assuming the state's current fiscal policies do not change, the office added. Brown's budget plan notes that California's finances, while improved, face several challenges, including $354.5 billion in long-term liabilities. That includes unfunded pension and other retiree health liabilities of $217.8 billion. Stock market volatility could also hurt California as an estimated 9.9 percent of its general fund revenue in the fiscal year beginning in July is expected to rely on capital gains. The governor said the state also needs to continue paying back internal loans celebrities and making good on deferred payments it used to help balance its books in previous years. The cost of that budgetary borrowing has been reduced from $34.7 billion to $24.9 billion this fiscal year and Brown aims to take it down to $13.1 billion in the next fiscal year and wipe it out in the following fiscal year. As part of that effort, Brown wants to fully pay off the Economic Recovery Bonds the state issued in 2004 to help tackle budget deficits with an extra $1.6 billion payment.
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California governor proposes $106.8 bln in general fund spending -report

Exports for 2013, after being adjusted for inflation, are on track to be the highest since before the dot-com bubble burst at the turn of the century, Beacon said. Strong manufacturing shipments, particularly in computer and electronic goods, prove that California remains an industrial powerhouse, albeit a high-tech one, O'Connell said. "We're very good at making fewer, more expensive things with less people," he said. A rise in manufacturing exports is helping to bring down the state's 8.5% unemployment rate by creating jobs at production plants, logistics and transportation centers and major seaports, said Irena Asmundson, chief economist at the California Finance Department. Agricultural exports, particularly to China, are another bright spot, although they could be threatened by California's severe drought, she said.
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