Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Butt Selfie? Yes, She Probably Did.

You can definitely see a gap at the same level as Kims chest. This would be caused by using a tool to expand her breasts. There also seems to be a more subtle distortion on the floor, Peeje continues. The underlying red line shows how the tiles should be where the blue line follow the actual markings on the floor. You might notice how it follows the same contortion as Kims waist and hips. In the second pic, which Ill call the Stomach Pic, you will notice the door curves out at Kims midsection, Peeje explains, which would occur if she pulled in her waistline.
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Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Butt Selfies?

Look at the floor tiles and the curve on the door frame, wrote piola100. Unless Home Depot sells bowed doors now, thats a bad photoshop job, said oneatom12. She did have defenders though. So what if its photoshop she still the baddest bitch alive, said _prettypanties. So what if its photoshop she still the baddest bitch alive. The Cut chatted about the Insta-butt-scandal, with editorial director Stella Bugbee wondering whether any of this really matters: Im guessing everything about that image was Photoshopped!
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Kim Kardashian Did Not Photoshop Sexy Butt Selfie, Says Rep

We know Ralph likes to retouch his models, but can't he leave the animals alone? We're guessing that's an entirely new head on the dog wearing a Polo and that he was just dropped into the image on the right. Misplaced Thumbs In this jarring Ann Taylor LOFT photo of Linen Twill Shorts, the model appears to have a thumb emerge directly out of her arm, above the wrist. (LOFT photo) Free People's Small Boob This just shows how advertisements mess up women's perceived image of what the "perfect" body is.
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Kim Kardashian Shares Wake-Up Glamour Shot, Blogs About Skiing for the First Time in 10 Years

By cutting carbs right down, Dr Atkins says the body's chemistry is switched from a carb-burning machine to one that burns fat. At the end of her trip, Kim took her massive camel trench off, climbed into a suitably huge car and tipped a female valet $100. Not too shabby. Although later that day our Kim took to Instagram to deny she was simply shopping, claiming she was "philanthropy brainstorming". That's what they call it in LA... However her day ended with a less than charitable parking attendant.
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Kim Kardashian says she's back on the Atkins diet after overindulging during the holidays

We always skied with our dad and I hadn't gone since I skied with him. It was so good to be out skiing again!" Don't forget to watch the season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Jan. 19 at 9 p.m. on E!
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