Quebec’s Ice Wine Industry Prepares For Battle

Yet Quebec producers point out their grapes do freeze on the vine. Photosynthesis stops after the rst frost. Once there is a frost, the vine only serves as support, de Coussergues says. When there are no leaves, there is no photosynthesis. The science would seem to bear him out. Oenologist Matteo Meglioli has analyzed the chemical composition of the fruits harvested through both methods.
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Quebec’s corruption problem

Desbiens says its not unusual for someone to blow an entire months rent in a few hours. In neighbourhoods where people have less education, less social support and low incomes, Desbiens says the issue of gambling is a matter of public health. So Desbiens is recommending that licences and machines be pulled from 18 bars in the Val-Belair, Limoilou, Vanier and St-Roch areas of the capital city. Desbiens says studies show that moving VLTs out of the reach of people living in poorer neighbourhoods is proven to reduce gambling. The literature tell us that the distance influences the access. We've seen it, he says. Quebec settles gambling addiction lawsuit The recommendation is just one of several coming from two studies on the effects of VLTs conducted in the past year.

Fewer VLTs in poor areas, says Quebec City public health

In 1972, Liberal premier Robert Bourassa called a commission into organized crime after a police anti-corruption squad found links between Montreals police chief and the Cotroni crime family. The subsequent inquiry, known as CECO, uncovered further links between the Cotroni family and Pierre Laporte, Bourassas former labour minister. CECO, Charbonneau says, hurt Bourassa. It got worse and worse and ended with him losing the election in 1976. That year, the PQ campaigned more on cleaning up corruption than on the thorny issue of sovereignty. It won by a crushing majority. The Charbonneau commission resumes in January, and will focus on Quebecs transportation ministry and political fundraisingtwo particularly sensitive areas for the Liberals, given the partys ties to construction companies and its documented go ability to harvest illegal donations. The PQ, meanwhile, seems nonplussed.

Top court to face shortage of Quebec judges this winter

Its founding members have all worked with some of the most renowned "nouveau cirque" companies around the world. This troupe is comprised of a team of professional acrobats graduated from the Ecole nationale de cirque de Montreal, as well as a professional dancer, an ex-skiing champion and three talented and versatile musicians. This brave and creative group of performers is blazing a creative path that no one has yet dared to explore, blending the arts and techniques of the circus and infusing them with the most picturesque facets of traditional Quebec folklore. Fueled by live Quebecois music, the troupe creates a colorful, energetic scene of agility and strength while they juggle axes, duck and dive between whirled-about saws, and execute daring handstands, balancing acts and acrobatic flips on stage. In collaboration with the performance of Cirque Alfonse: TIMBER! The Maine Historical Society will hold a film series at noon on Thursday, Jan.

Portland Ovations to present Quebec's Cirque Alfonse: Timber! on Jan. 29

The order representing Quebec nurses asked the provincial government in June 2012 to make a baccalaureate in nursing mandatory for someone to practise the profession. The proposal raised the ire of unions representing health workers as well as the Quebec federation of junior colleges. In the end, the working group studying the order's proposal failed to reach a consensus on the topic. That means Quebec will not proceed with plans to make a university degree compulsory, said Health Minister Rejean Hebert. ''Yes, I think that's the conclusion,'' Hebert said in a telephone interview. ''There doesn't seem to be much of a consensus on having a mandatory bachelor's degree.'' There will be further analysis to determine which tasks should be performed by nurses with a university degree as opposed to work done by those with a college diploma. ''We've never done that kind of exercise to pinpoint how training programs should be modified or adjusted,'' Hebert added.

Quebec nurses won't have to obtain university degree to practise in hospitals

aThereas a reason why Quebec is the only province that is named in the Supreme Court Act and is guaranteed three of the nine judges and that is to ensure that there is sufficient civil law expertise on the court,a University of Ottawa constitutional law professor Adam Dodek said, noting a decision in the reference is likely within six months as opposed to the year they can often take. aWhen one of those is not available, then they are unable to do that. So again, I think that thatas just another reason why the court has an interest in resolving the issue as quickly as possible.a While the court is expected to rule more quickly than usual, Dodek said itas unlikely to come in time to hear important Quebec civil cases. A trio of class-action lawsuits by Quebec credit card holders against 10 banks over currency-conversion fees goes to the court next month. Then in March, the justices will hear the case in March of a Quebec high school that was denied the right to offer a faith-based ethics and religious culture course in the wake of a 2008 provincial law. The latter, which is one the three cases from which Wagner must recuse himself, is expected to be of particular public interest given the controversy over Quebecas values charter, which would bar public servants from wearing aconspicuousa religious symbols.

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