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Hot yoga, barre3, and crossfit are some of todays hottest fitness trends. (Courtney King/Emerald). Barre3 is a low intensity workout that combines ballet, pilates and yoga. Cristiano Ronaldo Workout And Diet Plan, How World’s Best Footballer Stays Fit It focuses on strength as well as elongation of the leg muscles. Do not be intimidated by the ballet bar, you do not need a dance background to do this workout. Anyone can do this low-impact sequence and see dramatic results, said Jessica Neely, owner of Barre3 Eugene.It doesnt matter if youre 20 or 75, if youre a turbo athlete or you havent worked out in years. No matter who you are, Barre3 will help you lose weight, build strength and transform your entire body. For those students who do not have a lot of time, you can see dramatic results in as short as a one-hour session. It is also a short two-minute walk from the downtown bus stop so it is very easy to get to. Barre3 offers a 10 percent discount to students as well as specials for new members. Students can get an unlimited number of classes for $99 per month and, in addition to classes, Barre3 has online resources available, including home workouts and healthy exercise recipes.
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