Eurovision Austria: Hotel Prices Rise In Vienna, Innsbruck

While the decision on the host city and venue are expected within the coming weeks, eager fans are already making preparations for their stay in Austria by snatching up hotel reservations in both of Austrias largest cities in hopes of getting check this out the best locations during the event, which is tentatively scheduled for 12, 14, and 16th or May, 2015, but is still open for change. Overall, Austria is very affordable when compared to many other Western European destinations. In Vienna, the average cost of a 5-star hotel has risen from a respectable 170 to 310, an increase of over 80 percent. The same can be said for lower-range hotels, where many 3-star hotels have seen sites increases of just under 50% from their normal rates. Innsbruck has seen a rise in prices as well, an average increase of 40%, while Graz and Linz are also seeing prices climb. Michaela Reitterer, President of the Austrian Hotel Association stresses that its still too early to declare anything as the decision on when this website and where the contest will take place is still being discussed, and hotels are just cushioning the increased demand with as much as a 55% climb. Prices will adjust based on demand, and the requirements set out by ORF and the EBU. Now that ORF has selected their core team for the Eurovision Song Contest, the requirements are set , and discussions are well underway as to the timing and location for the upcoming event next May with a decision expected sometime in June. Although the requirements point largely to either Vienna or Innsbruck to host the grand event, as with the contest itself, anything can happen.

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