Australia Should Welcome Immigrants: Murdoch - Yahoo News

Murdoch, some of whose British and American media outlets often take a hard line on migrants, said Australia, with its entrepreneurial spirit and egalitarian way of life, had a comparative advantage in a world where not all are free. "We should be a beacon, but that means holding ourselves to high standards and not simply finding fault with others," the Australian-born link mogul said at a gala dinner in Sydney on Tuesday night attended by a who's who of politicians and business leaders. "We must be open to immigrants, to their desire to improve themselves and to the resulting improvement in our country." Murdoch, whose operations in Britain have been embroiled in a phone hacking scandal, said stalled immigration reforms in the United States were a wasted opportunity. "It is in the collective self-interest to welcome immigrants, those who cherish the values of the country, and who are sometimes willing to risk all in the quest for a better life," he said. View gallery A woman holds a placard at a rally protesting the Australian government's treatment of Sri Lanka The tycoon made no mention of Canberra's harsh policy for asylum-seekers, under which those arriving on unauthorised boats are denied resettlement in Australia, but sent to camps on remote Pacific islands. But he praised the conservative leadership of Prime Minister Tony Abbott, saying his team was working to trim the expense of government. - Fortunate geography - He also urged Australia to take advantage of its "unprecedented opportunity to prosper from its fortunate geography" of being near to China, Japan, India, and Indonesia. "Our prosperity will not come from simply exporting chunks of our terrain to those nations and beyond," he said, referring to Australia's mining industry.

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